Frequently asked questions

What is cash back?

Most webshops reward websites for bringing in new customers. The websites get a small fee for every purchase they do. Cashbacksites share this fee with you, so you can get cash back!

How does it work, shopping with cash back?

To get cash back, you have to join a cashbacksite (for example Quidco). At this website you can choose the best cashbacksite, the one with the highest cashbacks, conditions (for example the payment treshold) and reviews. After that, you can click on a special link on the cashbacksite and do your shopping as usual.

By clicking the special link, your purchase is registered and you receive your cash back via the cashbacksite.

For example, you book a trip for £ 1000 at a travel agency (excl. VAT). You receive 4% cash back bonus, so you get £ 40 cash back. This amount will be added to your account at the cashbacksite. After approval, you can get this amount via BACS or PayPal.

You can get cash back for many different products. Trips, insurances, savings accounts, magazines, DVD's, hotels, electronics, toys, clothes and many, many more.

Is the cashback visible at the webshop when I checkout?

Cashback sites are rewared afterwards, so you don't see the cash back during checkout at the webshop. Mostly within 48 hours, you can find the cashback in your personal account at the cashback sites.

How do I get the reward on my bank account?

The cash back rewards will be added to you personal account at the cashbacksite. If this amount exceed the minimum treshold (for example £ 10 or £ 25, you can get the money via BACS or PayPal.

How long does it take to receive my cash back?

After you did your purchase, most of the time the cashback is visible in your personal account at the cashbacksite within 48 hours. If not, contact that cashbacksite. If the cash back is visible in your account, it will be on hold for several weeks. This is because you can cancel or return the product. After this period, your cash back is available and ready for payment.

Do I get cashback when I cancel or return my order?

No. If you cancel or return your order, the cash back will be cancelled too.

Do I get cashback on all products?

Mostly yes, but there are exceptions. Always check the specific conditions at the cashbacksite. Sometimes, you get different amounts for different kind of products.

Can cash back rewards be used together with discount codes?

It's recommended to only use the discount codes from cashbacksites. If you use discount codes, cash back bonus could be invalid.

Do I get cash back about the whole amount?

You get cash back rewards over the amount excluding VAT and shipping- and handling costs.

Is joining a cashback site for free?

Yes, joining is for free. Some cashbacksites give 100% cashback and a small annual fee is substracted from you cashback. Please check the specific conditions of a cashback sites.

What does isn't a cashback site. We only compare the different cashback sites and inform you where you can get the highest cashback.

I have another question

Please contact us. If you have a specific question about your account or situation at a cashbacksite, please contact that cashbacksite.

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