Cash back

With cash back, you can get money back on an online purchase

To get cash back, you have to do the following:

  1. Search this website for the webshop where you want to buy someting, for example Expedia
  2. Choose a cashback website (for example TopCashback) and click the link to go to the cashback website
  3. Register / create an account on the cashback website, using your e-mailaddress
  4. At the cashback website, click the special link to go the the webshop
  5. Order at Expedia like you are used to do and pay. During the order process, you don't see any discount / cash back yet.
  6. The cashback website receives a commission over your purchase, of for example 8% or the order amount. They give 6% to you. This amount will be added to your account at the cashback website.
  7. When the cashback website receives the commission, it's approved in your account. After that, it's possible to transfer the money to your bank account or PayPal. The approval process can take up a few months.


If you book a trip worth 1000 pound at a travel agency. If you book this trip via a cashback website, you can get 4% cashback. So, you get 40 pound back. This amount will be added to your account at the cashbacksite, where you can transfer it to your bank account.

You can get cash back for many different products and services. For example at holidays, insurances, saving accounts, magazines, DVD's, electronics, toys and clothing. You can get a cash back at almost every webshop.


To make sure your purchase (and cash back) is registered correctly, you can do the following:

  • Disable optional ad-blockers (like for example Adblock Plus) in your browser if you do a purchase
  • Don't visit any other website between visiting the cash back website and the purchase
  • Don't use discount codes
  • Add items to your shopping basket after clicking the link at the cashbacksite.
  • Don't return (a part of) your order to the seller
It is possible that webshops decline a transaction and don't give commission to the cash back website. Because the cash back website doesn't get any commission, they can't give it to you. Of course, the cash back website tries to limit that as much as possible, but they are dependent on the webshop for the commission.

Also read the frequently asked questions or search the shop of your planned purchaes for the highest cash back discount.